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Vehicles coming from all different directions meet at roadway intersections, making these a likely place for car accidents. One of the most common types of intersection collisions is a T-bone accident, which involves the front of one car hitting the side of another car to form a “T” shape. These are also referred to as side-impact crashes or broadside collisions.

Vehicle safety enhancements have evolved to help minimize injuries from collisions, but there is still less protection on the sides of a vehicle than the front or rear, so T-bone accidents are very dangerous. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration mandated automakers to include side airbags as a standard feature in 2009, but some older model cars do not have them, and T-bone collisions remain a frequent cause of many serious injuries in the Augusta area and throughout the United States.

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    Why You Should Hire a T-bone Accident Lawyer from Chris Hudson Law Group

    Having a resourceful lawyer by your side following a T-bone accident will bring a better outcome for your situation. Determining fault for this type of collision is complicated because the timing and position of the vehicles at the location of the crash may not mean that the driver who hit the side of the other car was the only negligent one. Armed with all the details and facts, we will work on your behalf to build a strong insurance claim that brings you a fair settlement.

    When you hire Chris Hudson Law Group, you get:

    • Vast experience investigating T-bone accidents and access to experts who can help support your case.
    • Someone to handle all of the paperwork and negotiation with the insurance company.
    • A thorough assessment of every possible form of compensation you may be eligible for. This includes all your immediate and prolonged costs from the accident, as well as how it affects you physically and mentally both now and in the future.
    • Our services at no risk to you. We won’t charge you anything upfront, and we will only collect a fee when we succeed at securing compensation for you.

    How T-bone Accidents Occur

    T-bone accidents happen very often in intersections, but they may also occur when a vehicle is crossing a multi-lane highway or a driver loses control of their vehicle. These are typically the result of at least one driver’s negligence. Circumstances such as the following are among the common causes of side-impact collisions:

    • A driver runs a red light or a stop sign.
    • A driver misjudges the distance and makes a left turn in front of an oncoming vehicle.
    • A driver makes a right turn and doesn’t notice an oncoming vehicle in the same lane.
    • A driver fails to yield the right-of-way at an intersection or four-way stop.
    • A driver impaired by drugs or alcohol lacks the discernment or reflexes to follow traffic rules.
    • A driver is distracted by using their phone or attempting other tasks.
    • A stoplight is malfunctioning or a traffic sign is obstructed.
    • A vehicle breaks down in traffic, such as having a tire blowout or brakes that fail.

    Common Injuries from T-bone Accidents

    T-bone collisions have the potential to cause more damage and serious injuries than other types of accidents. This is because the occupants in the car that is struck lack the protection of the front or rear end of the vehicle to absorb the impact. If the crash occurs at high speed, it is especially hazardous to the driver and passengers.

    The severity of injuries from broadside collisions can depend on how fast both vehicles were traveling, the size and weight of the vehicles, where the vehicle was hit, and the type of safety features the vehicles were fitted with. The physical and emotional toll for T-bone accident victims can be extensive and last for months or years.

    Common injuries that result from side-impact collisions include:

    • Bruising
    • Cuts and lacerations leading to scarring
    • Concussions and other head injuries
    • Whiplash and other neck injuries
    • Bone fractures (pelvis, ribs, etc.)
    • Back and spinal injuries, including paralysis
    • Shoulder and rotator cuff injuries
    • Internal injuries (organ damage)
    • Soft tissue injuries (ligament, muscle, and tendon sprains and strains)
    • Chest trauma (collapsed lung)
    • Death

    Some physical conditions, even serious ones, don’t show symptoms until days or weeks after the incident. No matter how you feel right after a T-bone accident, you should always be assessed by a medical professional to make sure you receive prompt treatment for your injuries.

    Compensation You Might Receive After a T-bone Accident

    If you have been injured in a T-bone accident, you understand how the associated costs and suffering can affect your livelihood. You deserve to be compensated, and you may be able to file a personal injury claim with the responsible party’s insurance company in order to receive damages. Damages are a monetary award for the losses you have suffered from an accident, and they are classified as either economic or non-economic. Economic damages generally have a distinct dollar value, such as the out-of-pocket costs for car repairs or medical treatment. Non-economic damages are more subjective and attributed to physical or emotional anguish. Compensation for a T-bone accident can include damages for the following losses:

    • Vehicle repairs
    • Current medical treatment
    • Future medical care and treatment
    • Medical supplies
    • Lost wages and earning capacity
    • Physical limitations
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of consortium for your spouse or partner (being deprived of the benefits of the relationship)
    • Wrongful death

    Each person’s case has unique circumstances that will determine how much compensation they would be eligible for. The value of your T-bone accident claim can be affected by certain factors, such as:

    • How strongly the evidence supports your claim
    • The severity and duration of your injuries
    • The amount of liability placed on the other party
    • How much your medical costs add up to
    • Your age and occupation

    Chris Hudson Law Group will establish the extent of your losses and aggressively negotiate for the compensation you are owed.

    Answers to Your Questions About T-bone Accidents

    Involvement in a T-bone accident prompts many concerns and questions, and Chris Hudson Law Group is here to offer our knowledge from extensive experience with these situations. We have compiled responses to a few of the typical questions we hear from clients, but we welcome the opportunity to discuss the specifics of your case during a free consultation. Please call us at (706) 863-6600 to learn more.

    Can I still file a claim if I was partially to blame for the T-bone accident?

    Possibly. When two drivers are partially at fault for the accident, it is feasible to recover damages for your injuries. However, you must be less than 51% responsible, and the damages would be reduced based on your level of fault. For example, if you were 30% at fault, you will receive 70% of your damages. Under Georgia law, if you are found to be over 50% liable, you are not eligible for any recovery.

    Proving the degree of fault in a T-bone accident is somewhat subjective and can be complicated, so the wise choice is to trust the skilled team at Chris Hudson Law Group. We understand the applicable state and local laws and can successfully argue your side of the story.

    How will my lawyer get paid?

    In personal injury cases, attorneys are paid out of the settlement you are awarded, so there are no upfront costs to you. The attorney’s fee is a percentage of the total amount recovered. You are not charged directly for any of the costs associated with your personal injury claim and will not pay anything unless your case ends with a settlement or verdict.

    How much time do I have to file a T-bone accident claim?

    In Georgia, you have two years to file a personal injury claim. This deadline is called a statute of limitations, and it is put in place to ensure that the evidence to support or discredit legal claims is not diminished over time. It is always best to file claims as promptly as possible, so you don’t miss the window of opportunity.

    Chris Hudson Law Group Car Accident Lawyers Are Ready to Fight for You

    After the distressing experience of being injured in a T-bone car accident, you deserve to have someone stand up for your rights and pursue all available forms of compensation you are eligible for. Every case has unique circumstances, and a skilled attorney understands how to make them work to your advantage.

    When you have a car accident lawyer from Chris Hudson Law Group in Augusta, GA on your side, you can count on our diligent focus to negotiate the best possible settlement. Let’s get started exploring your options today.

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    Last Updated : October 3, 2023